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Web Site Development:

The information is available at http://webservices.nic.in .  You can write to State Informatics Officer, 8318, NW Block, Secretariat, Jaipur for more details.

Domain Name Registration:

Domain names under GOV.IN or NIC.IN will be registered free of charge.
Register as "gov.in" at http://registry.gov.in

NIC also supports other domain like ORG.IN, .AC.IN, .COM, .EDU, .ORG etc.., but, the user will be responsible for the registration & renewal.

Security Auditing:

NIC has a host of applications deployed in various user departments. These applications may involve the collection and storage of important data over the network. The possibility of an attack on specific software applications is usually overlooked, and these may be the first to be exploited by a hacker. Such applications should thus have built-in features that take care of aspects such as Access Control, Data Integrity, Change Controls, Accountability, Service Continuity and the possibility of tracing unauthorized access to the application or the stored data. Application Security Audits on these applications can be carried out to determine such requirements

All web-sites to be hosted in the NICNET domain have to go through an application audit for vulnerabilities in the web application as well as its backend database.

User can obtain security clearance from the one of auditor empanelled by CERT-IN. The list is available at http://www.cert-in.org.in/

You can host your Website(s) on the National Cloud: MeghRaj, For more information Click here

Web Sites Updations:

For web site updation, Secured VPN services can be obtained from NIC, the details are available at http://vpn.nic.in

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