Pregnancy Child Tracking & Health Services Management System, Rajasthan receives e-India 2010 award

    Award for the Year: 2010

    PCTS is a citizen centric application used as an effective tool for imparting health care services to pregnant women and children right up to the lowest level of health institutions in the state. It helps the government to reduce infant and maternal mortality and is better placed in terms of providing efficient health services to pregnant women and children. It helps to improve institutional delivery and is a useful tool for tracing and monitoring areas with decreasing sex ratio at birth. Planning and monitoring of health services has improved many folds at every level of health administration.

    The team members involved in the projects were:

    Smt Indu Gupta  DDG  &  SIO
    Sh Tarun Toshniwal, STD
    Smt  Anju  Mittal  PSA